All-Natural Layering Lotions - Coconut


Introducing our new Hydrating Coconut Layering Lotion - the daily body lotion for tender young skin.

Think of it as the kid's answer to premium adult lotions like Nivea, Neutrogena, or Keihl’s; but way more fun.

You'll agree it’s the best all-naturally scented lotion for kids online today!

Our Hydrating Coconut Layering Lotion is tropical, creamy, and exotic. It carries a distinct and kid-loved coconut scent, which is rich, sweet, warm, and inviting. It has a smooth and comforting quality that evokes images of sandy beaches, ocean breezes, and lush palm trees.

This “coconutty” scent is formulated using only all-natural, EWG-1 rated ingredients.

Made with the dynamic duo of jojoba and brassica - botanical gems celebrated for their unparalleled nourishing abilities.

Like the high-end, spa-quality products trusted by adults over the years, our Coconut Layering Lotion promises to provide that same level of daily care for your little ones.