cascara vanilla


Try it with: - coffee, bourbon, and dark rum!

Created in collaboration with a local Phoenix coffee company, Blue House Coffee, Cascara Vanilla is designed for coffee and tea. Better than typical vanilla syrup for coffee, ours is made with real cascara offering hints of black cherry. The real cascara is sourced directly from Blue House’s partners in South America. This unique mixer offers subtle fruit notes while the familiar vanilla bean rounds out the uniqueness of the coffee cherry husk. Add a splash to your coffee and enjoy!

17oz size makes 17-32 servings
Made in United States


Iconic Cocktail Co. specializes in creating hand-crafted, all natural, low sugar syrups designed to flavor your favorite beverages, whether that be coffee, tea, soda... or a cocktail of course. From day one, Iconic has focused on five things: 1) encouraging creativity; 2) supporting other small businesses; 3) producing in small batches; 4) cutting out the fake stuff; and 5) helping our customers 'own the home bar'.