green aventurine beaded adjustable chain bracelet in vintage gold


Life moves FAST. And, sometimes it feels like a race that you just can’t win. There are always a million things to do and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Green aventurine cuts through the chaos and reminds you to slow the heck down. This gorgeous stone reminds you to turn off your phone and look out your window. To take a walk outside and listen to the wind rustling in the trees. To attune yourself to nature, and remember that everything around you is alive. This adjustable bracelet encourages you to balance mind, body, and spirit so you can enjoy your day, rather than just blasting through it on cruise control

  • Vintage gold plate
  • Adjustable fits most
  • Genuine Green Aventurine Gemstone
  • 100% nickel free
  • Handcrafted for women
  • Made in the USA