Monstera Foldover Wristlet

Don't get me wrong, I love Target and all, but isn't buying a handmade zipper pouch more interesting? Like...I made this MYSELF. I thought it, designed it, and made it. And now I'm listing it in my shop for you to buy it and cherish it forever and ever. Here we have a nifty little zipper pouch wristlet. It's made with a heavy cotton/canvas fabric for its outer body and a quilting cotton for its lining. The pouch is made with a couple layers of fusible interfacing for some stiffness and structure. It also features a handle for ease of use! -- How big is it? -- Folded: 9.5" x 7". Open: 9.5" x 10". -- How does it close? -- Zipper, plus a metal snap to keep it folded.