1pt Primavera Cocktail Pack


Non-liquid, non-regulated, ship-anywhere cocktail packs contain all-natural botanical 1pt infusion blend packets and pack-embedded QR code content that extends the cocktail experience from the bar into the home.

Rapid infusion (ready in just a few hours) makes our simple 3-part recipes easy for anyone to follow. And QR-linked content provides recipes, how-to's, and cocktail hour playlists served right to the customer's phone on demand. Each cocktail pack makes 6-12 drinks.

About this Primavera gin cocktail: The King of Cocktail Spirits (gin) and the Queen of Floral Flavors (rose) meet in this infused riff on the classic Gin Sour where the flavor is as delicate and refined as the color. Named for the Spring but ready to bloom in your at-home bar menu all year long.