Lemon Moisturizing French Soap

Introducing Lemon, the soap that turns your everyday shower into an indulgent experience. Boasting a crisp, bright, fruity, citrus scent, this soap is nothing short of extraordinary. Not only will it leave your skin supple and smooth, it also has the aromatherapy benefits of Lemon. Formulated with 72% Organic Olive Oil and 25% Shea Butter & Glycerin, this soap is an all-natural moisturizer featuring the essence of Lemon from Grasse, South of France. Thoroughly triple-milled to preserve its invigorating aroma, this soap is sure to last. Available in a recyclable paper box, this soap is ideal for all skin types and can be used for face and body. Specially crafted in France with superior quality, you can trust in its excellence. Inhale the therapeutic properties of this Lemon soap as you shower. Each bar weighs 125gr /4.4oz, offering long-lasting