Phone Detox Book

A tool to bring sanity to our most intense technological relationship - our phone

As our smartphones have become indispensable to our daily routine, it is important to take some space to reflect on our lives outside of technology. 

The School of Life has designed Phone Detox, a palm-sized book filled with a variety of insights, as a clever counter to those idle moments so often filled with endless scrolling. 

Full of ideas and meditations, these mini-essays offer a refreshing analog experience. From poetry, to travel, to tips on dating - and even headier, bite-size meditations on topics like addiction, monasticism, nature, utopia - Phone Detox offers a much needed (occasional) reset for our addled, buzzing minds. This flip book is a tool that aims to bring a little sanity to our closest, most intense technological relationship. 

Mini-Essays Cover Topics Including: 

- Addiction 

- Monasticism 

- Poetry 

- The News 

- Beyond Instagram 

- Dating 

- Nature 

- Shopping 

- Travel 

- Death 

- Utopia 

  • FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND: Like a phone, only - cleverly - it's not a phone. 
  • FROM THOUGHT-PROVOKING TO HUMOROUS: The quick-read style of this book runs the gamut from serious, to philosophical, to practical and even funny. 
  • TAKE A BREAK FROM YOUR CELL PHONE TO RETURN TO YOUR CELL PHONE: Have fun with our analog flip book to clear your brain for more scrolling!